About us

It all began when we were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly became inseparable as we are both expats from Montreal Canada living in Geneva Switzerland and found we had a common love for active-wear amongst other things of course! We agreed that active-wear should not only be for working out in a gym or studio but out on the streets. With so many incredible brands out there but most not available in Geneva, we decided to embark on this adventure of curating unbelievable pieces from incredible brands.

Active wear to us is not a fashion trend but a lifestyle that we want to share with women everywhere. We want to empower women to take care of themselves, to be active and why not look incredible whilst doing so. In active wear you can look amazing and be comfortable too!!

"Gone are the days of tight jeans, in comes leggings and comfort!!"

We strive to bring to our clients eco-friendly quality brands, mainly female owned which boast style, performance and functionality.


Nancy & Julia